Inspiring, Beautiful Telluride!

Having just returned from Telluride, I thought I would post a few of my thoughts concerning the resort and the slopes. We stayed at Capella… ( this was my saved entry from 5 yrs ago!) Funny thing is, I did just return from Telluride but for the second time! Way too long and what a coincidence that I was inspired to write about the same destination Telluride, staying at the same hotel, though it changed ownership and name. Here are a few photos from 5 year ago…

Mountain Village 2009

Mountain Village 2009


Gondola ride to town for dinner...dusty, evening sky before the snow storm. 2009

Gondola ride to town for dinner…dusty, evening sky before the snow storm. 2009

No poles, no fear! 2009

No poles, no fear! 2009

1st time skiers

1st time skiers






















Check out our helmets! ;)

Check out our helmets! 😉


Lots of fresh snow! 2009

Lots of fresh snow! 2009


All dry in Mountain Village since the ground in HEATED! 2009

All dry in Mountain Village since the ground in HEATED! 2009

First time skiing, EVER was a blast! We could not have asked for a more perfect place to learn to ski than Telluride.  Though, learning how to get off of the lifts is another story…I remember having bruises from how many times I fell! Very entertaining for those that saw me, I’m sure 😉


Now for Spring Break 2014

March is a perfect time for going to Telluride since the temperature is milder, in the 30’s and even 40’s, unless a storm blows through! We had one come while there this year too. It’s great to get fresh snow late in the ski season, so no complaints 🙂

View from balcony

View from balcony 2014

After a little Google background check on Telluride, I found out that it was first called Columbia, but was denied by the postal service because there was confusion regarding the pre-existing Columbia, CA mining camp? I guess they didn’t use postal codes??? The two theories as to how the town came to be known as ‘Telluride’ back in 1880 are:

1) The name was derived from the mineral tellurium, a non-metallic element often associated with mineral deposits of gold (and ironically, not found in            this valley)

2) The town was named for the famous send-off given to fortune seekers headed to the southern San Juan Mountains — “To-hell-you-ride”!  I think it was the 2nd! 😉

Sheridan Hotel

Sheridan Hotel 2014

I got to capture this gorgeous night photo with stars and all, during the new moon phase in March on my nifty Sony Nex-5N camera 🙂

Mountain Village at night

Mountain Village at night 2014

Kenny, Emma, her friend Katie and I had a FABULOUS time in Mountain Village, staying at the posh Hotel Madeline! From comfy feather bed topper on our bed, to personal steam shower, to attentive maid service (twice daily), to great views of sunsets over snowy San Juan Mountains from our 5th floor balcony! The ski-in/ski-out with ski valet, including warming up our ski boots and serving hot cocoa after skiing the slopes was amazing 🙂 Both hotel restaurants, the Smak Bar and Rev were great. We enjoyed several lunches at the Smak Bar, with our favorites being the shredded tacos, truffle oil fries and sweet potato fries which the girls ordered numerous times! The smore’s were great too, according to Emma & Katie and I’ll vouch for the chocolate cake 😉 Who can say ‘no’ to dark chocolate!? Our dinner at Rev was perfect, starting out with sun chokes, then a tasty salad, followed by the light and fresh salmon dinner, that all went perfectly with a glass of Pinot. It felt good to end at least one of the evenings, on a healthier note!

Happy together

Emma and Katie=Happy

I had torn my ACL about 3 years ago, while skiing in Crested Butte, and underwent reconstructive surgery. I was a bit nervous about skiing, as I didn’t want to experience that scary ride down the mountain in a toboggan, pulled by a maniac rescue-driver! O.K., he was really a maniac, but just skied like it! Kenny (who wasn’t even pulling anyone on a sled) could not keep up with the guy!! I just knew that the sled would flip over and I was going to dig a trench with my teeth all the way down! So to ease my nerves, I started with a 1/2 day ski lesson that helped reassure me that I could still do it, though I didn’t venture down many blue runs, except the one time Kenny recommend I give it a try. After I quickly lost control and just let it ride to the bottom, all the while hoping that I don’t fall, I decided to stick to the double greens! Unfortunately, I did not record that run on my GoPro. Kenny and Emma were patient enough to start out with the ‘not so challenging slopes with me and Katie.  Then, it was just me and my ski buddy Katie, the rest of the time while Kenny and Emma advanced on! Thanks to two Colorado natives, Ron Allred and Jim Wells, who in 1978 assumed control of the ski area and added the “beginner terrain”.

Poles and a bit of fear 2014

Poles and a bit of fear 2014

Katie! 2014

Katie! 2014
















Our first time of snowmobiling was so much fun, once I learned how to handle the snowmobile. Then we were off to the Sacred Meadow where we rode as fast as we felt comfortable, even catching a little air  for a brief second or two!

Snowmobiling in the Sacred Meadow 2014

Snowmobiling in the Sacred Meadow 2014

Telluride is a picture perfect “old-west” kind of town. The wealth, due to all the gold and other precious metals attracted the likes of Butch Cassidy and hisWild Bunch who began their brazen bank robbing career at the San Miguel National Bank in downtown Telluride in 1889. They stole $24,000 in mining payroll! The Gondola, which began operation in 1996, with free rides, was perfect transportation over the mountain, to town and back.  By the way, it was the 1st of it’s kind in North America!

Telluride Court House

You got to have pizza at Brown Dog, when in Telluride. Great atmosphere with at least 6 TVs on the lower level to keep up with various sports, and exceptional pizzas!! I was eating just like the Native American Ute tribe that first inhabited the Telluride valley! But the pièce de résistance was the Creme Brulee with Snickerdoodle cookie on the side!

Brown Dog Pizza

Brown Dog Pizza

Elk steak, creme brulee with a perfect wine at the Chop House at the New Sheridan Hotel

Perfect dinner at the Chop House at the New Sheridan Hotel















With over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain and an average of 300 inches of snowfall annually in Telluride Ski Resort, you got to just love that!! Until next time Telluride!!!

We missed Hannah this time around...maybe next time :)

We missed Hannah this time around…maybe next time 🙂


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