French Student in Paris



Not everyday one thinks of taking a solo trip, especially to Paris. Yet I did! I went in search of learning the language a bit better and getting more familiar with the culture. I knew no one there, but now I have several new friends! They are from all over and have a variety of different backgrounds from students to mattress makers to  book authors. It’s an amazing place, a city like non other. Parisians really are friendly 🙂


I attended the Alliance Francaise de Paris for a week of French language courses. Class began promptly Monday through Friday at 9AM and we wrapped it up around 1PM. I had a vibrant and expressive professor that would NOT speak one word of English to me nor any other language to the class except FRENCH. I was captivated and kept focused as she explained and enthusiastic acted out until we all understood! The students in my class were just as focused and it made for an engaging experience. I was the only English-speaking student while the majority were from South America, some from China with one from Israel. Some spoke a little English, so it made communicating with them outside of class very entertaining using some English and what French we’ve learned!


Wish I would have seen this little contraption sooner…I would have rented one!

I favored walking over the Metro because I wanted to experience the sounds, sights and some “scents” of Paris, especially walking past the patisserie shops. I did take the Metro once and after feeling like a sardine, I quickly reverted back to walking or at times, taking a taxi. I like personal space.  A lot of people ride bicycles in Paris, but I wanted to live so I can someday come back to visit…weaving in and around cars, people and buses just didn’t appeal to me! I went to Paris to observe and learn, eat and enjoy the city, not peddle like a mad woman, for my life! 😉

Several miles were trodden by my weary feet! Not only were my footsies sore, but I developed some whopping blisters on some of my toes. Luckily for you, I was so grossed out by the blisters that I couldn’t bring myself to take pictures.


I toured a couple of museums, Versailles was one of them, and walked by several more. Since the weather was so perfect (no rain!), I didn’t want to be inside. I’ll save museum touring for rainy visits 🙂


Dessert and coffee while at the Tuileries Garden

Dessert and coffee while at the Tuileries Garden

…And now to talk about the food!! I ate mostly at the local cafes. They had fresh ingredients and nice portions too. I did find the patisserie shops to be FANTASTIC, of course!! Some, at first glance looked like jewelry stores! The delicate cakes were carefully displayed under glass domes and mirrors, with just the right lighting showing them off. And it worked since that’s where I spent most of my cash! 😉

All in all, I had a great experience in Paris and I hope to visit again soon!

A bientot!





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