9234003543_4b4e1e63b3_nWelcome to my memoirs of my recent and past travels. I am new to blogging and I’m looking forward to creating a virtual place where I can share my experiences with others that have similar passions.

I was born in Romania, but I’ve lived in the USA since I was 7 years old…and thankfully I can still speak Romanian! I’m currently learning French, voila! I am the proud mom of two lovely daughters. Hannah is in college and Emma in high school. It’s quite a change from when they were both much younger!

I currently live in Austin, TX, with my husband Kenny, Emma and two mini doxies named Taylor and Bentley. We have lots of adventurous opportunities with great restaurants, music and “hill country”.

Because I love great food and wine,  I’m also passionate about staying healthy not only through what I eat but through fitness. I love to play tennis, lift weights and just about anything that gives me that satisfactory “burn” feeling! So, grab a drink, enjoy and please let me know you’ve stopped by…Salut!


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